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Aeration & Seeding

Water, Air & Nutrients


It is difficult for water, air and nutrients to pentrate compact clay soil. The roots of the grass may grow close to the surface if the water and nutrients are located close to the surface of the ground. When this happens, the roots are susceptible to damage from heat stress, foot traffic, and the elements of weather. The deeper the grass roots are able to go, the thicker and more healthy your lawn will be.



Late August, September and October is the best time of year to rejuvenate your lawn. Lawns grow and develop in cooler temperatures much better than hot weather. It is suggested that aeration and seeding be done while the soil temperatures are warm rather than waiting until late fall. The seed will need to be kept constantly moist for a much shorter period of time before germination if seeded early in the fall. The young grass will also have more time to develop before the colder temperatures come in and slow it down. The better developed your new grass can be going into the heat of the next summer, the better chances it will have of surviving the heat, drought and fungus that can cause irreparable damage.
CORE aeration is one of the most important things you can have done to your lawn each season. It allows more of the water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. The limitation of SPIKE aeration is that it only pokes holes in the lawn, but does not remove the cores. The health of your grass is related to how deep the root system is and the ability of your grass to take up and process water and nutrients.


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